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Welcome fellow foodies. I’m Charlotte and I am a whole 6 years wheat and gluten free. At the age of 20 I realised the link between my stomach pains and my love of pizza / pasta / sandwiches and all things glutenous! It was a slow and painful (literally) process of fighting my desire to eat the food I knew and loved, and took over 12months, and ever increasing sensitivity, before I finally kicked the habit. I was at university at the time and  my toughest challenge was bypassing the CodFathers’ cheesy chips at 3am after a few drinks…

In the end I decided no matter how much I wanted them, the impact of wheaty products just wasn’t worth it. Unfortunately I am not the only inflicted member of my family, my mum and younger brother are both coeliac and also intolerant to dairy and egg. I have taken it as a personal challenge to compile and adapt recipes that he can have too and so although all recipes on this blog are gluten and wheat free, a lot are also dairy / egg / nut free too!

Aged 26 and armed with recipes that have seen me transition from student to ‘young professional’ I want to share and connect with others whether intolerant or diet conscious who are looking for ‘free from’ products and recipes that don’t compromise on taste.

I hope this space serves as a useful resource for those well versed but looking for new inspiration as well as those just starting out on the daunting path of ‘what can I actually eat?!’.

Comment, share, ask, and please let me know of your favourite free from meals – I am always looking for something new! If you are newly diagnosed or looking for more information head over to Coeliac UK for lots more help and advice.

Enjoy x



Oh, and one final thing: I am not a nutritionist, nor do I have any culinary qualifications (or photography skills!) These recipes are cooked at home by me, for me, but I thought were worth sharing! If you have an allergy or are cooking for someone with an allergy then please carefully check ALL product ingredients (they have a habit of changing and despite my best efforts the ingredients of branded items I mention in posts may vary or change from time to time).

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