Homemade GlutenFree Pizza Recipe
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Homemade GlutenFree Pizza Recipe

This post is both a recipe and a review; a review of what has become my favourite cookbook of all time and one of my favourite recipes from it. So much so that this cookbook doesn’t actually belong to me, it’s just on a very long term loan from a friend and I’ve subsequently purchased the authors second book A Modern Way To Cook.

‘A Modern Way To Eat’
Anna Jones is a professional chef, food writer and food stylist who has spent several years working with Jamie Oliver and built up some serious credentials in the industry. All her recipes are vegetarian, some vegan, and nearly all are gluten free or can be adapted. What’s unique about her recipes is how they educate and explore the basics of food in a way that you can develop and adapt your own combinations and favourites. For example, I have learnt that kale can make a fab salad base when you add lemon juice and scrunch it to soften the starchy leaves, or that you can use chai seeds with a couple tbsp of water instead of an egg when baking. This pizza base is no different, although I vary my toppings to whatever I have in at the time, the base recipe remains true to the Anna Jones original.


GlutenFree Pizza Recipe – Ingredients:
1 cauliflower
100g ground almonds
100g of gluten free porridge oats
1 medium egg
Pinch of dried mixed herbs or oregano

You can create your own sauce using chopped tomatoes, however I used Jamie Oliver’s tomato and red onion bruschetta topping (you don’t want the sauce to be too wet or you will just get a soggy pizza)
Be creative with your toppings I used:
Thinly sliced white onion
Goatscheese (or use Lactofree® cheddar or Violife for lactose/dairy free recipe)

You will need baking paper and a large baking tray.


1. Preheat the oven to 220┬░c. Remove the stalk of the cauliflower and cut into rough chunks, break the florets up a bit so it will fit in the food processor. Blitz the whole cauliflower until the pieces look like rice. Tip into a large bowl adding the ground almond GF oats and seasoning. Mix well. Beat the egg and pour into a well in the centre of the mixture. Mix and combine with your hands forming it into a ball (you don’t knead it just squeeze it together) let any excess moisture come out.
2. Lightly grease the baking paper on the tray with olive oil. Flatten the mixture so that it evenly covers the tray about half a cm thick in the middle and a bit thicker at the edges. Bake for 15 minutes or until light brown and crisp. Remove for the oven, cover in a thin layer of tomato sauce add your toppings and return to the oven for a final 5 minutes until the cheese has melted.
3. To serve use a cutter to create rectangular slices then use a flat spatula to remove them carefully from the tray. Serve with a rocket salad.

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