Review: M&S DairyFree Chocolate Drink
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Review: M&S DairyFree Chocolate Drink

I’ll start this review by stating I was actually pretty cynical about a ‘chocolate flavoured soy drink’ as I’m not really a fan of dairyfree soy milks. With the exception of a few of the almond / coconut based ones I find the texture of most branded soy or rice drinks to be quite chalky.

This however was delicious, both in terms of the flavour (it didn’t have an artificial taste and wasn’t too sweet) and was thick and gloopy as any good milkshake should be!

I gave some to some regular dairy drinking friends to see what they thought and was approved by all. It’s also a decent size for just over £2.

Marks & Spencer have always led the way in their MadeWithout range and this is definitely one that’s not to be missed. I will be buying this again!


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